About IMK

About IMK

IMK - a commitment to quality, for a reasonable price

Who are we?


IMK is an ICT Consulting company founded by: 

Horea Matei Emil Muresan
Horea Matei - Managing Director               and                 Emil Muresan - Technical Director 

IMK Consulting is incorporated at the trade register of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


What do we do?

IMK is active in several ICT domains, mainly Telecom and Software Development.
Our company consists of a core team of people with permanent missions, backed by a network of partners and collaborators active on temporary, on-demand projects.
The kind of missions we are able to succesfully address go from GSM Radio Planning, Transmission Planning, Site Survey, Equipment Installation and Commissioning, to Business Consulting services, Web development and IP networks installation and maintenance.

For a better overview, please refer to the page dedicated to our customers.

What do we think?

We think complexity is nice but simplicity is sublime.

We live in a complex world, therefore we aim at simplifying our life and the lives of our customers, employees and partners.

We appreciate Yahoo but prefer Google.
We appreciate Facebook but prefer Linkedin.
We appreciate a long speech but prefer a small drawing. No wonder, some say it is worth more :)

An urban legend says that in order to write in zero gravity, the americans developped a high tech ballpoint pen, costing millions. For the same purposes, russians used a wooden pen.
Even if the story is not true, we sincerly think it could have happened in some organizations.

We think that doing something, is better than not doing anything.

A donkey has been put in front of a bucket of water and a bucket of grains. Not knowing whether he was more hungry than thirsty or vice-versa, he ended up dying of hunger and of thirst.
Would he decided to do something, he could have been alive at this day.

We think that do nothing, is sometimes better than do just anything.

A manager was desperately trying to "do something" (read "put useless presure on people below him") while another one knew there was not much to do in those circumstances.
When things went wrong, it turned out that the first one had wasted much of the company's ressources, while the other one was right in trying to limit the desaster by not willing to improve the unimprovable.

This is the most stupid story ever, but you see people of the first category every day in your companies.


May we help you?

If you think so, simply drop by: info@imk.ro
If you don't think so, but you liked the story with the donkey, click here. They have more of the same kind.